1. Atmo Pic from little Prisoners© soon in FAN ART.
    Soon. Soon.

  2. Working on Little Prisoners© for FAN ART. You can read and buy it soon at the Helsinki Comics Festival.
    We’ll have a table there.

  3. sexy ad for the upcomig issue of kuti.
    i’m so exited.


  4. I have another tumblr.
    It’s about odd animation.

  5. du mutti!

  6. fun logo for an upcomig project.
    Stay tuned!

  7. HI!

  8. Gleubselchen (the series)

  9. sketchbook bits.

  10. Extract from THE TROPICALS I did for the new kiin zine.

  11. "URBAN TROPICAL" is the 12th issue of kiin., a not at all quarterly zine by ines christine and kirsten carina geisser.
    I’m guest artist.

    copyright kiin. 2014
    all rights reserved

    1st edition
    100 copies
    ISBN: 978-3-940304-94-0

  12. get it here.

  13. first two strips of eight I did for the new KUTI.

  14. Page from mud mood # 1 Longfinger and Wobblytooth special edition

  15. creepy cruel.